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BlueSun’s QR tracking app allows you to discover locations of things on the move. Now you can better manage your fleet, vehicle, asset, and personal tracking. Track a truck, a bus, your company inventory, your next delivery, or even your beloved pet! Find out if you’ll miss your bus, subway, train, or campus shuttle, or just let loved ones know where you’ve been.

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Know More

Public users can use our GPS tracking tool to see where your next bus, shuttle, or train is. An account is not required, just scan and follow our app!

Already a member with BlueSun? Existing users can sign in to your BlueSun account using a simple verification process, and send to your recipients information about your trucks, deliveries, inventory, or whatever else you have a BlueSun code assigned to track!

Available on all devices

BlueSun is available for download on your iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, and the Web.

The Benefits

Our Advantages

Local Google cloud server, the most secure and fastest available
If the GPS device is installed underneath or experiences other bad signal, we also provide the exterior antenna to get a better and more stable signal, as an immediate backup.
Our website, the Blue Sun web application, can also provide traffic, weather, and 6-day forecast function...AND
The automatic maintenance reminding function.

How It Works

Still not sure about us?

Here are just a couple of more reasons why you should become one of our valuable partners!

  • No lengthy or complicated contracts
  • No installation fee, cancellation fee, and service charge
  • No hidden costs
  • No extra costs: GPS device is ready and free for use
  • 24/7 on-call service, can come to support you at any time once your schedule is open
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Tracking...made easy!

  • We have an in-house technical support team to regularly monitor and upgrade our website and web application functions, to address any technical issues as they arise!
  • Welcome to BlueSun, your GPS tracking companion! Get ready to scan!
  • Your personal vehicle, truck, fleet tracker is here! Manage your valuable item today.
  • Know exactly where your valuables are, at all times.

Life: Delivered on time!

  • We’ve been in the GPS tracking business for over 5 years, with a lot of experience in customer retention and on-demand service. Contact us, and let us help improve your business, or simplify your life! One a-ha moment at a time!
  • Rest assured that your personal information and all data are confidential, and treated with the utmost discretion. Best of all -- all data are updated in real time!
  • Share your location with others, on your own terms! All tracking locations are private by default.
  • Communicate with others, whether they be teammates, or friends, or family members, by sharing information that you can control! That's right, you hold the key to your mobile GPS tracking companion. Say yes to peace of mind and clarity!
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Team Blue Sun

Team Blue Sun

Blue Sun Solutions, LLC began in 2011. We are a growing technology company, focused on utilizing the GPS technology to help small and medium-sized businesses, to make more informed decisions and achieve greater successes.  Our main partners come from the logistics industry, especially trucking and bus. Currently, we are developing mobile apps that allow GPS tracking, using the QR code solution. We are also maturing our hardware GPS tracking devices, recently adding solar panel trailer tracking options. We are based in Los Angeles County, in the City of Industry (near Azusa and Gale).

  • "I have drivers who deliver shipments locally. Our local customers depend on us to be prompt. It is very important for us to be on time, wherever we are. I rely on my drivers to be on time -- so the BlueSun GPS tracking service is useful and handy. It even tells me the weather forecast which is necessary in the winter months. We have to know when there is extreme weather that affects our operations. I know exactly where my drivers and trucks are at all times."
    Jack, Cloud Trucking, Inc.
  • "Your GPS service is awesome! I can track my bus drivers in the school district since I have a manager's report created specifically for my use. Our kids are our main priority. It's helpful for administrators, teachers, and parents to know they're well-taken care of."
    Jake, Tobinworld
  • "I own a fleet of trucks and trailers. My company has been in business for over 15 years, and my drivers are important to me and my business. I trust them to transport and deliver on a daily basis, whether they are 50 miles or 5,000 miles away. I rely on the BlueSun GPS tracking service 24/7 to better manage my business, and to communicate with and track my drivers on the road. If there are any problems, my drivers can also use the BlueSun service to meet their on-demand needs, such as looking for gas stations, nearby food or lodging services, or other emergency services."
    Kevin, OFO Express, Inc.

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